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1K+ words per week of a scifi novel-in-progress – working title, THE CELL. Read along, feel free to comment or leave feedback.

Chapter Four

‘We’re hit, sir.’ ‘No shit,’ Fiver shouts back down the comlink, ears still buzzing from the explosion, though the expletive didn’t mean anything like the same in binary-60-plus. More like ‘Fatal Error’. Which won’t be that far from the truth,... Continue Reading →

Chapter Three

The Abba watches me for a long while from beneath the cowl of his dark robe. Neither of us speaks. I can’t decide now if I imagined the black-headed vulture sitting on the threshold of my cell, or if this... Continue Reading →

Chapter Two

‘Who is that man?’ ‘What man do you mean, child?’ My father was still smiling as he shaded his eyes, squinting into the sun to see whom I had indicated. Then his smile died and he muttered a word I... Continue Reading →

Chapter One

‘Sister Benedicta is crying.’ The whisper flies round the beehive-shaped cell like a drone’s buzz, exciting everyone at supper. The other Sisters are diverted by any alteration in our mundane daily routine. The smooth-skinned novices are both entertained and disturbed... Continue Reading →

Blogging A Novel: the Beginning

Starts Saturday October 29th. This is my first time blogging a novel. I'm blogging this novel from a near standstill, meaning I have about 4K words written to date and only the haziest idea where it may go after that.... Continue Reading →

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