This is a blog containing the ongoing ‘chapters’ of  a novel-in-progress.

(See why I started this madness here.)

Like a traditional blog, the posts – or ‘chapters’ – are presented in reverse order.

However, I will number each chapter to make finding the next chapter easier. You should be able to negotiate previous chapters in numerical order via the CHAPTERS page.


Each post will be minimum 1,000 words long.

But it could be longer. It’ll be termed a ‘chapter’ but in fact may not always stop at a natural break. Sorry!


I may go back later and change stuff.

Because that’s the kind of sneaky thing writers do. But any changes will probably be minor. If they are worth noting, I’ll either put a footnote in a current chapter to warn you to check back – or put something in the sidebar.


New chapters will probably appear each weekend.

Probably Sunday pm, but it could as easily be Saturday or even Monday morning.

Depends on my hangover.

(N.B. This rule only applies to when I’m not taking a sabbatical from the novel … If my other work intrudes, all bets are off. Sorry!)


What is this novel about?

Frankly, I don’t know. And that’s part of the fun!

(But it’s a sci fi, for those who like to know such things.)


Why are you doing this?

Because this novel would probably never get written otherwise, as it’s not a commercial project.

Because I’m interested in letting in light on the very closed and intimate process of writing a novel. I’m also curious to see how being observed at first draft stage may affect the way I work.

Your involvement – as readers and commentators, as silent witnesses – is therefore important to me.

Read, enjoy, don’t enjoy, leave a comment, suggest changes, entirely as you prefer.

My stats will tell me you’ve visited.

The very fact that I’m aware of you reading along as I write/think/create is an intrinsic part of the process.

Thank you for being here with me.