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1K+ words per week of a scifi novel-in-progress – working title, THE CELL. Read along, feel free to comment or leave feedback.

Chapter Thirteen

This is hardly a good moment for reminiscing, but I keep thinking back to the time when I was a child, when the Abbas first found me. They took me away from my parents and put me with the Sisters... Continue Reading →

Chapter Twelve

Weapon in hand, Fiver leads Rack and the Sister through the corridors, back to the place where he found the weapons’ store – locked, of course, but it had not taken long to find his way round the circuits –... Continue Reading →

Chapter Eleven

The strange weapon in the angel’s hand makes a cracking sound, and some kind of blue flash leaps through the air, like blue lightning. The Abba pitches forward instantly. I'm shocked by the way he topples like a felled tree,... Continue Reading →

Chapter Ten

As soon as the angel has gone, I am seized by a terrible fear. I know that by entering this dark forbidden place, I have offended my masters. I'm trapped, I realise, and look round at my new prison, so... Continue Reading →

Chapter Nine

‘Level Minus Six,’ the voice of the elevator announces calmly, and the doors slide open on another pitch-black corridor. Not very promising, Fiver thinks, peering out into nothing. But almost immediately, dim lights begin to flicker on throughout the corridor,... Continue Reading →

Chapter Eight

I follow in silence, no longer sure I wish to walk by his side. All this feels wrong. This man is a stranger. An imposter, not the Holy One I took him for. Most bizarre of all, he claims the... Continue Reading →

Chapter Seven

Looking down into impenetrable darkness, I catch a whiff of decay, and recoil instinctively. I do not know what this metal ‘hatch' is, nor what it hides. But the angel clearly wants me to climb inside the round, dark hole,... Continue Reading →

Chapter Six

The drone is coming low and fast over the desert. Fiver squints up into the dark, watching its approach out of one sand-filled eye. His head is still buzzing from the explosion, his mouth dry, tongue gritty. But he'll need... Continue Reading →

Chapter Five

Nights are bitter in the deep reaches of the desert. To my right, I catch the call of a wolf somewhere in the darkness, and a moment later, the howl of his mate, this time on my left. It’s not... Continue Reading →

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