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1K+ words per week of a novel-in-progress – working title, THE CELL. Read along, feel free to comment or leave feedback.

Chapter Eight

I follow in silence, no longer sure I wish to walk by his side. All this feels wrong. This man is a stranger. An imposter, not the Holy One I took him for. Most bizarre of all, he claims the... Continue Reading →

Chapter Seven

Looking down into impenetrable darkness, I catch a whiff of decay, and recoil instinctively. I do not know what this metal ‘hatch' is, nor what it hides. But the angel clearly wants me to climb inside the round, dark hole,... Continue Reading →

Chapter Six

The drone is coming low and fast over the desert. Fiver squints up into the dark, watching its approach out of one sand-filled eye. His head is still buzzing from the explosion, his mouth dry, tongue gritty. But he'll need... Continue Reading →

Chapter Five

Nights are bitter in the deep reaches of the desert. To my right, I catch the call of a wolf somewhere in the darkness, and a moment later, the howl of his mate, this time on my left. It’s not... Continue Reading →

Chapter Four

‘We’re hit, sir.’ ‘No shit,’ Fiver shouts back down the comlink, ears still buzzing from the explosion, though the expletive didn’t mean anything like the same in binary-60-plus. More like ‘Fatal Error’. Which won’t be that far from the truth,... Continue Reading →

Chapter Three

The Abba watches me for a long while from beneath the cowl of his dark robe. Neither of us speaks. I can’t decide now if I imagined the black-headed vulture sitting on the threshold of my cell, or if this... Continue Reading →

Chapter Two

‘Who is that man?’ ‘What man do you mean, child?’ My father was still smiling as he shaded his eyes, squinting into the sun to see whom I had indicated. Then his smile died and he muttered a word I... Continue Reading →

Chapter One

‘Sister Benedicta is crying.’ The whisper flies round the beehive-shaped cell like a drone’s buzz, exciting everyone at supper. The other Sisters are diverted by any alteration in our mundane daily routine. The smooth-skinned novices are both entertained and disturbed... Continue Reading →

Blogging A Novel: the Beginning

Starts Saturday October 29th. This is my first time blogging a novel. I'm blogging this novel from a near standstill, meaning I have about 4K words written to date and only the haziest idea where it may go after that.... Continue Reading →

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